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Women of Wai'anae Membership

Frequently Asked Questions


Who Can Join WOW?    

Any person who embraces the core mission of WOW and is willing to assist with scholarship fundraising events can join WOW. To join the membership, there is a $20 or more requested donaton which is applied to our scholarship fund. 


How many Members are there in WOW?

There are approximately 25-30 members.


What can one expect of membership in WOW?

The caliber of WOW members is truly impressive. WOW members are professional and always willing to support each other. With WOW, you can count on a strong, diverse network of individuals. The mutual support and collaboration among WOW members ultimately benefits our scholarship individuals and the community. Without a doubt, your membership in WOW is a great investment in your life.

What are the benefits of membership?
Since 2005, WOW has been federally recognized as a 501c(3)  nonprofit organization.   Working for our non-profit organization as a member, you are contributing to the betterment of Wai'anae residents through higher educational attainment and will help to promote their personal/professional development, community involvement and service.  


How much time will I have to commit as a representative if I join WOW?
The time involved is different for each member.  The Board of Directors meets monthly in advance of general monthly membership meetings. To really benefit from your membership, you will find it important to establish relationships with the other members through meeting attendance and participation in fundraising events.


Besides one meeting quarterly, are there other opportunities to network?
There are committee meetings, community service projects, and informal social gatherings. Keep in mind that active participation is the key to networking.   In addition, WOW engages in activities that enhance, protect, and restore the environment of the Wai'anae Coast Community.




Elections are held every two years for the Board of Directors.  We are proud to have the following ladies represent our organization.

President- Karen Young

Retired Waianae Coast Comprehensive Nurse Practitoner


Vice President/Secretary- Mary Ellen Apostol

Cosmetologst, Malia Kai Salon, owner


Treasurer - Susan Yamane-Carpenter

Retired Construction Company Owner/President


Director - Bette Van Manen

Retired Air Controller



The Women of Wai’anae changed my life. I am currently a licensed special education teacher at Wai’anae High School, thanks to the Women of Wai’anae. Last year, I was presented with a learning opportunity that was amazing, but expensive. Through their compassion, and dedication to see the people of Wai’anae be successful, the Women of Wai’anae assisted me with paying the tuition I needed for my educational program. The Women of Wai’anae are a bunch of spectacular, hard working, dedicated women whose goals are to enrich the lives of people of the Wai’anae Coast. These amazing women have touched countless lives with their generosity, as well as all their efforts to care for the Wai’anae Coast. They have been an inspiration to me, and I am eternally grateful for being blessed by this wonderful organization.


Mahalo Nui Loa

Deborah Stokes

2014 WOW Runner-Up









WOW is an inspiration and an excellent role model for our community.  WOW has shown me that they care about the people of Wai'anae.  I will always remember what WOW has done for me and

will always support WOW.



Lehua Rowland

2012 WOW Scholarship Winner

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